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Private Surf Coaching

Over the past 20 years I have given people the opportunity to fall in love with surfing, whether it be a hobby, passion or obsession.

I would like to take you on an exciting journey to a beautiful place on this planet; with my experience and network of good friends and colleagues I assure you I will find the best surf spots suitable for your ability and a place you are sure to enjoy.

I’m here to help you find the best waves and mindset possible. Let me join you in your quest to achieve your goals. For prices or answers to all your questions, please fill in the contact form below. As soon as I’m out of the water, I’ll get right back to you!

Oscar Schenk

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When leaning to surf it is best to start as you mean to go on; this is why I think it is good to start with all the help and attention you can get. Throughout your surfing journey you will benefit greatly from my experience. I will teach you all you need to know, and I make sure you get stoked. The main focus will be to get to know the gear, the waves and how to be safe on the water. You will get a much wider insight into how the waves work and the sport. You’ll soon realize that standing up on the board is a small part in all this, often this is the main focus for larger surf schools.


So you think you can surf? This is your chance to work on any skill you like. Mostly we work on catching more waves and ride longer which makes you a better surfer. Of course, if you would like to work on more radical turns, Floaters, 360 etc. I can be of assistance. No matter if you ride a short board or a long board.


This is where we work on competition level. You will learn how to cope with stress in heats and learn to improve your scores. Food, fitness and mindset will be structured for more confidence whilst competing.


The main focus here will be to feel comfortable in big waves. With various programs you will become more confident with big conditions. We work on the breathing, mindset and strategies that will help you survive in big conditions.


As a progressive old school long boarder I can show you the ropes in long boarding. From catching more waves to nose rides, cross steps, reverse take offs and 180 shovits. You tell me what you would like to work on and I will help to get you there.


What’S UP? Stand Up Paddling. This discipline can be done on waves and flat water. This makes it very accessible to anyone who can float with a life vest. The other great thing is that you can do this anywhere in the world where there is water. You can SUP between icebergs, in Dutch canals or even the Dead Sea.


If you like to have a good time with your whole family or a few family members, we can go out together. The nice thing is that whilst you have fun and learn something new, your kids will be safe and have a great time ether on the board or on the beach. We can always provide a nanny on the beach.


We make sure you will have a great time. I will provide a tailored program that fits to your needs. Safety, fun and reaching unexpected goals in life are the central aspects in these lessons. It has been shown that these things are very strongly positive for the mind, body and your self-esteem.


Prices for surf lessons

Depending on the tides and conditions that day I will pick you up and we will look for a wave together that suits your ability and style. This could take a half hour or longer, depending on the conditions. We will do some stretching and some practice on the beach. After this we go in the water to start with the basics if you are a beginner or we continue on the level that you are at and work on the things you will like to improve. You will be in the water for 2,5 to 3 hours and the day will be around 5 to 6 hours in total. The prices you will find below.

1 DAY € 120,- € 105,- p.p € 95,- p.p € 85,- p.p
3 DAYS € 320,- € 275,- p.p € 245,- p.p € 215,- p.p
6 DAYS € 610,- € 510,- p.p € 450,- p.p € 400,- p.p

One hour session in the water.

If you would like to just come for one hour and after this surf on your own, maybe the one hour lessons will suit you. We will meet on the beach and start from there. We will do some stretching and after this you will be in the water for one hour getting tips. This can be a beginner lesson or if you are more advanced I will tell you how to get out, come with you and be on your side giving tips for an hour. This can vary from helping you to catch more waves by telling you how to position at the spot, teach you how to duck dive properly, working on your bottom turns, improving your stance and turns and anything else that you would like to improve on. These are the prices for one hour in the water.

1 DAY € 80,- € 75,- p.p € 70,- p.p € 65,- p.p
3 DAYS € 210,- € 195,- p.p € 180,- p.p € 165,- p.p
6 DAYS € 390,- € 360,- p.p € 330,- p.p € 305,- p.p

Surf lessons include board, wetsuit and water and fruit. Transfer to beach and back. You just need to bring a towel, bathing clothes and some comfortable clothes for the beach. Own equipment 10% discount. Special packages for team weeks including bbq, yoga, horse riding, team building and more are available on request.

The story behind Oscar Schenk and the Hotzone

Oscar Schenk grew up in Zaandam, Holland and had a passion for water since a young age. It started with windsurfing on the lakes. Soon he and a good friend named Wouter Boes discovered the beach. Next thing you know at 15 years of age he started working in the Hotzone surf shop. The year was 1996 and Bobby, his boss asked him: "I have some friends over who want to learn how to surf. Can you teach them?" Oscar knew how to stand up so he did the lesson. He continued teaching for the Hotzone surfschool and soon was teaching kids like Martijn Nijhof, Emiel Tromp and many others he managed to get stoked for life.

After 9 years he decided it was time for a trip. It was 2003 and he drove to the Canary Islands to teach surfing for half a year. Five years later Oscar opens his own Hotzone Surfschool in Fuerteventura.

To get some new impulses and ideas he decided in 2013 to move back to Holland and starts coaching teachers at Surfschool Zandvoort. Oscar enjoys passing over his knowledge to the next generation surf teachers.

Now, his main focus is getting people stoked. Based near Ericeira. He is there, waiting to share, some good times with you.